I’ve launched a new website: CoveringAndAuthority.com

It is called CoveringAndAuthority.com.  Over the last few years I’ve grown more and more concerned about a specific kind of teaching about authority in the church.  The teaching itself is a moderated version of the doctrines of the Shepherding/Discipleship movement in the 70’s and 80’s.  It took awhile before Christians outside the charismatic realm started caring about it.  Today we have the New Apostolic Reformation growing and there is very little online about their teachings that follow a similar line.

I’m deeply concerned because this theology is very destructive.  In this theology the authority of church leaders is equated with God’s authority.  Those who disobey their pastors are considered to be disobeying God.  Rebellion against church leaders opens Christians up to demonic attack and delusion.  To get a quick run down on the theology check out Covering Theology 101

What concerns me the most is how the gospel itself is reshaped.  Faith in God becomes faith in God’s authority as represented by God and church leaders.  Grace is no longer God’s unmerited favour but the empowerment to obey.  Salvation is no longer found in grace through faith, but by confessing and doing the will of God. 

Your feedback, comments, questions, objections and links are welcome.