1Ch 16:22  NET “saying, ‘Don’t touch my anointed ones! Don’t harm my prophets!'”

The phrase means “don’t physically harm my anointed ones.”

In the New Testament we are all annointed (1John 2:27).

2 comments on “1Chronicles 16:22

  1. This is a good reminder that in Christ we are all anointed. I believe Christ is the head of every man.

  2. The 2 preceding verses are self explanatory of the following one being v22.

    Regrettably v22 is used in our times to reprove parishioners in as much as it is their duty to be on guard to “highly esteem” Gods anointed.

    The failure in this is that those who are followers of Christ are anointed ones and furthermore v22 was a warning to secular authority…not God chosen ones ie: Gods people.

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